2017 Tennessee Habitat for Humanity 

State Impact Award Winners Announced
Habitat for Humanity of Tennessee is proud to announce the 2017 State Impact Award winners. These awards honor and recognize those individuals and groups that have significantly impacted the lives of local residents and communities in our state and in the process, have inspired others to make a difference. A special awards ceremony was held at the Embassy Suites Hotel and Conference Center inconjunction with Habitat Tennessee’s Annual State Conference in Murfreesboro.
Meet the State Impact Awards Selection Committee
Habitat for Humanity of Tennessee’s selection committee members include Brian Bills, State Line of Business Manager, SunTrust Mortgage; Barry Tidwell, Rutherford County General Sessions Judge; Jim Tracy, Speaker Pro Tempore; and Ryan Williams, Chairman of the House Republican Caucus.
2017 Outstanding Community & State Leader of the Year: 
Tennessee Housing Development Agency
Colleen Dudley, Habitat TN; Amy Schaftlein, THDA; Speaker Pro Tempore Jim Tracy
The Tennessee Housing Development Agency served as the lead sponsor of Habitat for Humanity’s 33rd Annual Jimmy & Rosalynn Carter Work Project held in Memphis. THDA provided an unprecedented 1-million-dollar challenge grant to spur donations from businesses and organizations in the Memphis community.
Habitat for Humanity of Greater Memphis was able to engage many new corporations to donate and their current donors stepped-up and significantly increased their financial commitments. THDA’s initial investment and the credibility that THDA’s support lends to a project of this magnitude, provided the additional fundraising leverage needed and Memphis Habitat was able to raise the remaining $4 million dollars.
THDA Representatives: Terry Benier, Denise McBride,
Jeremy Heidt, Amy Schaftlein, and Langston Glass

During the week-long build, hundreds of volunteers joined Habitat’s most famous volunteers – former U.S. President Jimmy Carter and former first lady Rosalynn Carter – and country music stars Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood as they built and improved homes alongside families in the Bearwater Park area just north of Memphis’ Uptown neighborhood.

The build week included a mixture of new home construction, beautification projects, and Aging in Place projects, including modifications to enhance accessibility and mobility for senior citizens. THDA made it possible for Habitat Memphis to touch the lives of 99 local families; impacting over 300 children and adults!
2017 Outstanding Corporate Partner of the Year: 
Schneider Electric
Mario Ramos, Schneider Electric; and Chairman Ryan Williams
Schneider Electric has been a phenomenal longtime partner of Habitat for Humanity affiliates statewide, nationally and internationally. They currently partner with 25 Habitat affiliates in Tennessee. To date, Schneider Electric has sponsored more than 18 Habitat homes in Tennessee and provided more than 1,000 volunteer hours to help build them.
Since 2007, Schneider Electric has given more than $500,000 for home sponsorships and more than $477,000 donated products to Tennessee affiliates.
As an international Habitat partner, Schneider Electric has donated more than $44 million for affordable homeownership and more than $36 million gift-in-kind. Schneider Electric is truly making an impact!
2017 Affiliate of the Year & Best Ever Carter Work Project:  
Habitat for Humanity of Greater Memphis
Habitat for Humanity of Greater Memphis Team
Habitat for Humanity of Greater Memphis was selected to host the 33rd annual Jimmy & Rosalynn Carter Work Project, which was held last August. Hosting the Carter Work Project is the highest honor for a Habitat affiliate.
Over 1,500 volunteers from all over the country worked alongside families to perform 21 new home builds, 45 aging in place modifications/ repairs and 33 beautifications in the Bearwater Park community. This venture proved to be a huge success, resulting in increased brand awareness locally and nationally, re-igniting relationships with current and previous partners, and increasing opportunities to collaborate with local, state and regional organizations.

President Jimmy Carter’s own words sum up the remarkable effort of Memphis Habitat:  “In all the 33 years, we’ve worked in the past, we’ve never had a better host country, a better host town, a better host community than Memphis, Tennessee, and I want to thank you for that.”

2017 Rural Affiliate of the Year:  Campbell County Habitat for Humanity
Colleen Dudley, Dave Watson, Jerry Herod, Lee Heatherly,
Roger Taylor and Barry Tidwell
Campbell County Habitat for Humanity is an all-volunteer organization with a 23-member Board of Directors. They are the only affordable housing organization in their area providing new homes and the opportunity for homeownership to low income families. Families selected for their program live in very substandard housing and have little or no opportunity to improve their housing due to their low incomes. Since their inception, Campbell County Habitat has built and sold 31 new homes.
This all-volunteer Habitat also manages a ReStore which provides funding to build their mission. This fiscal year, Campbell County Habitat built 3 houses which were all under construction at the same time. They qualified and successfully utilized THDA’s Housing Trust Fund grant through Habitat of Tennessee. This group truly exemplifies dedication, perseverance and heart!
2017 Lifetime Award:  Jo Morrison
Chairman Ryan Williams, Jo Morrison, Colleen Dudley
Chairman Ryan Williams presented Jo Morrison with a Lifetime Award.  Jo had a passion to impact housing and in 1985, she became co-founder of Holston Habitat for  Humanity in Kingsport. In the late 1980’s Jo was appointed by Gov. Ned McWherter to the Tennessee Coalition of Affordable Housing. She has been very involved in making Holston Habitat what it is today.
And, Jo continues to impact others. Just last year, she graciously agreed to an online opportunity where folks could wish the Affiliate’s co-founder a happy 100th birthday. The campaign generated wonderful wishes for Jo, as well as raising enough funds to build a Habitat home.
At 100 years of age, Jo Morrison celebrates the Centennial of Kingsport, and stays connected with the community, as well as with the ministry and mission of Holston Habitat. She attends ground breakings and home dedications, and regularly prays for the staff, volunteers and especially for the Habitat partner families. Jo truly exemplifies the dedication, commitment and actions in service of an outstanding community leader!
2017 Lifetime Award:  Herb Baggett
Herb Baggett, Colleen Dudley, and Barry Tidwell
For the past 25 years, Herb Baggett has shared his heart, his time and his skills supporting the Habitat mission. As one of the original founders of Habitat for Humanity of Montgomery County, his commitment to helping families purchase their own home, to have a stable life, has been remarkable. As a contractor in Clarksville, Herb has personally provided the oversite to build 92 new Habitat houses.
Montgomery Habitat has never had to pay a contractor. Herb has always taken care of construction. He may send one of his workers from his construction business over to get something done at the Habitat house, or even for the whole day. In addition to his amazing labor of love, he makes a connection with each family and keeps in touch with them years after the build is complete.
Herb has also donated land for future Habitat homes, he makes himself available to answer questions or drop by for needed detail. His gifts are often silently given in a way that many would never know. Herb is truly an amazing example of showing and living God’s love.
On every Habitat build sign, Herb has written … “My little children, let us not love in word, neither in tongue; but indeed and in truth.” 1 John 3:18
2017 Favorite ReStore:  Holston Habitat for Humanity ReStores
Milburn Lane, Wendy McIIquham, Colleen Dudley

and Barry Tidwell

Holston Habitat for Humanity ReStore began its service to the affiliate in 1992 as a completely all-volunteer driven store. Many volunteers have served continually for over 20 years. In 2011, they hit the $1.5 million milestone, they took a leap of faith to expand the store. After celebrating a Grand Re-opening, the board of directors hired their first paid employee, Milburn Lane as ReStore Manager.
Milburn has led a team of 85 regular volunteers to grow the ReStore exponentially. The success of the Kingsport location spurred the Board of Directors to build a second ReStore adjacent to I-26 where the building and sign are seen by 55,000 drivers each day. During its first month of operation, the new store generated $50,000 in sales. With active social media, radio and TV spots, the donations are pouring in from all over the area. No doubt the community and shoppers of this area are enthusiastic about the Holston Habitat for Humanity ReStores, with “one ReStore at two locations”, it has become a “favorite” for upper east Tennessee.

2017 Outstanding Volunteer Group of the Year:  “Grumpy Old Men” 

Danny Britt, Dave Flower, Jerry Franitza, Alan Goslen, Eddie Graves, Chuck Haney, Terry McCoy and Don Rollens                             
Brian Bills presented the Outstanding Volunteer Group of the Year award to Habitat for Humanity of Cleveland’s “Grumpy Old Men”. They have become the core group on Habitat Cleveland’s construction team. Many have been volunteering since its inception in 1990, swinging a hammer on every single home, 131 homes thus far.
It may be surprising that this group became known as the “Grumpy Old Men”. They excel at sharing their compassion, humor, and wisdom to the younger generation of volunteers. Their commitment and their loyalty spills over into the eyes of everyone they come in contact with. These gentlemen are a true living example and testament for future generations, definitely making the world a better place.
2017 Outstanding Millennial Volunteer Leader of the Year:
Quentin Thompson
Colleen Dudley, Quentin Thompson and Speaker Pro Tempore Jim Tracy
Quentin Thompson began volunteering with Bedford Builds Habitat for Humanity in 2009 as a junior in High School. Each year he brought 8-12 students with him to volunteer on the construction site as many as 2 to 3 times a year. He continued this when he became a student at MTSU.
Quentin’s actions brought a new set of volunteers to Bedford Habitat, he is responsible for over 2000 volunteer construction hours. In 2015, Quentin graduated from MTSU with a degree in Criminal Justice and joined Bedford Habitat’s Board of Directors. He passionately serves and regularly volunteers on the worksite. One of his part time jobs is buying and selling on EBay. He tithes 10% of his sales to Habitat.
Quentin was recently elected to Vice President of the Board. He cares deeply for his community and has helped Habitat grow in so many ways. Quentin exemplifies a great example of our younger generation giving back to the community!
2017 Outstanding Leadership Volunteer of Year:  Rodney Harris
Rodney Harris and Chairman Ryan Williams
Rodney Harris has served in many invaluable capacities at Habitat for Humanity of Greater Nashville. He is currently a treasured Board Member, fundraiser, HCA home sponsor and volunteer. In 2017, Rodney raised $50,750 through their annual Golf Classic event. His actions over the years, raising $28,000 in 2015 and then $44,000 in 2016, has inspired other Board Members to make a bigger impact.
Rodney has been a force of change and an ambassador of goodwill for Habitat, not only by raising much needed funds for affordable homeownership, but by also forging relationships with other companies that now know more about Habitat’s mission. He was instrumental in reaching out to African American faith congregations and connecting them to Habitat’s work. Rodney expresses true compassion for the families and the inroads they are making to improve their lives. Even taking a special interest in a family from Ethiopia, and becoming their son’s mentor. Rodney is an example of a remarkable community leader!
2017 Outstanding ReStore Volunteers of the Year
Ed and Nancy McCartney
Barry Tidwell, Ed McCartney

and Nancy McCartney

Ed and Nancy McCartney had a strong desire to help the Habitat for Humanity of Cleveland ReStore grow. They heard about the concept of holding silent auctions. The McCartney’s took action and visited a several other Restores across the country embracing this concept. After much research, they stepped up to lead the silent auction initiative at Habitat Cleveland.
Ed and Nancy began the silent auctions by displaying fifteen items at a time and soon expanded to displaying twenty-four items every two weeks. They spend countless hours selecting items and contacting the winning bidders to make sure they receive their treasures. In the past 5 years, their efforts raised over $72,000 toward building homes in Bradley County.
The McCartney’s quiet selfless leadership often happens in the background, yet it makes a huge impact to Habitat and the mission to build hope.
2017 Excellence in Housing Rehab: 
Habitat for Humanity of Greater Memphis
Colleen Dudley, Dwayne Spencer and Brian Bills
When Habitat for Humanity of Greater Memphis launched its Revitalization program in 2011, they noticed the majority of those in need of repairs were seniors. Thus, the beginning of Habitat Memphis’ Aging in Place program. The program serves low-income homeowners age 60 or older, providing accessibility improvements, mobility modifications, weatherization enhancements and critical home repairs that are crucial to helping seniors live in their homes longer and retain their independence.
Memphis Habitat is the only organization providing this service in Memphis. Since 2015, Habitat’s Aging in Place Program served more than 350 Shelby County seniors. The success of this program is best told by a recent client named Ruby:  “There have been times when I couldn’t afford my medication because the utility bills were so high. These repairs have kept me warm and dry and have saved me on utility bills to the point where I could afford my medication. I’m the oldest person in my family, and I am so grateful to be able to stay at home and not worry about being sent somewhere because my home is in bad shape. I even get a little bit of a workout because I use my handrails! I went on a trip this past Christmas to New York with a friend, and it was life-changing to feel like I could [do] more things because my home isn’t my biggest worry anymore.”
2017 Outstanding Community Awareness:  Rutherford County Area Habitat for Humanity
Terri Shultz, Rutherford Habitat; Colleen Dudley
and Brian Bills

Rutherford County Area Habitat for Humanity actively sought to increase community exposure and to engage large groups of volunteers through the “Panel Build” concept. This consists of community volunteers coming together to build the walls of a house in the parking lot of a business or church – in just 5 hours! Throughout each Panel Build event, volunteers work side-by-side with Habitat Future Homeowners; learning about the Habitat program and gaining a better understanding of the family’s personal journey to homeownership. 

This year, Rutherford Habitat held 6 Panel Build Events that engaged 405 volunteers that performed over 873 volunteer hours. These events also met Habitat’s need to have the wall panels built for each house prior to construction. Each panel build event brings a unique opportunity to advocate for the Habitat for Humanity program, fundraise, recruit for upcoming builds, address the need of affordable housing in every community and present the positive impact of Habitat on community development.
2017 Habitat for Humanity International Tithe Awards
Sue Henderson, Vice President of U.S. and Canada of Habitat for Humanity International presented the “Most Significant Increases in Tithe” Awards to five Tennessee Affiliates.
*Habitat for Humanity of Williamson-Maury was also recognized but not present.
Habitat for Humanity of Greater Nashville, Lucile Houseworth
Habitat for Humanity of Greater Memphis, Dwayne Spencer
Holston Habitat for Humanity,

Art Pearce